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The Complete Asset Protection Solution

Nanoman specialises in the development, manufacture and sale of the widest range of protective nano coatings currently available on the market in Australia today. Established in 2012 we service many markets from construction, industrial, infrastructure, automotive, to home and more. Our specialised coatings are all engineered for different materials ensuring that they not only offer the best protection but are also optimised to provide long lasting protection. The range is vast, protecting and adding value to glass, metal, stone, timber, fabrics and textiles and even electrical and electronic devices and equipment.

The nature of our Nanoman coatings is to provide a long lasting, protective coating on materials that repels liquids and does not allow dirt and other environment pollutants to adhere to the surface.  This lowers maintenance costs and improves durability.

We strive to make a difference for businesses that want to reduce their maintenance cost by offering protective coatings to make all types of surfaces much easier to clean and provide long-lasting protection from the weather, environmental pollution and man-made damage.

nanoman glass protection on building

Industries Served

Explore the products and possibilities. The possibilities are endless and always developing.

easy clean shower nanoman glass protection

Nanoman Coatings are applicable for both interior and exterior use, and across a wide range of materials.  Nanoman products are all eco-friendly and designed to provide maximum protection from water, mineral deposits, dirt, fungus, mould and other contaminants on all new and existing surfaces.

Nanoman coating products are available for most building surfaces including glass, solar panels, stone, concrete, fabric, timber and metal that protects the surface and makes it easy clean.

Unlike traditional coatings, Nanoman coatings become one with the surface  forming a molecular bond on a nanoscopic level. Due to this, liquids can no longer penetrate the surface and dirt, grease and fungi cannot adhere.  These coatings are invisible, do not change the look of the material used and reduces maintenance and cleaning cycles and the need to use toxic cleaning chemicals.

Nanoman have the latest in one coat, long lasting non sacrificial anti graffiti coatings for both porous (brick and concrete) and non porous (metal and plastic) surfaces. Graffiti can be easily removed time and time again from coated surfaces with a non-toxic VOC free cleaner.

We also have the latest in nano polishes for cars and boats.  This includes easy to apply Car Polish + Seal, Nanoman Wheels, Nanoman Fabric + Textile and Nanoman Glass (Windscreen).  All are designed to provide complete protection, enable easy cleaning and maintain the look and value of motor vehicles.

Nanoman also have a unique moisture control product that dries out electrical and electronic circuits and restores their connectivity even after inundation. Perfect for electrical and electronic equipment and controllers in wet and humid areas.

With our ongoing commitment to R&D, we continue to develop new coatings and have just released a new long lasting anti rust coating.

nanoman si02 car polish on sports car

Don’t see what you need, talk to us about your requirements, you may be surprised because we are constantly adding to the range as our research and development continues to exploit and examine uses of nanotechnology. 

Nanoman Commercial and Trade Supply

All Nanoman coatings are available Australia wide for direct purchases by wholesalers, trade and commercial users, for their own application or use in their operations or on their projects.

For information on product pricing, product purchasing, supply and application services or setting up a business account please email us using the form below or call us on 1300 696 266

Architects and Product Specifiers

And for architects, don’t let materials limit your designs. If you need help in protecting that special surface or want assistance in specifying one of our products please do not hesitate to make contact.

Nanoman coatings are far removed from traditional old technology coatings that effectively stay on temporarily on the substrate surface only. Nanoman coatings, on the other hand, completely permeate and unite with the surface, ensuring longevity and the best protection.  Replacing conventional coatings with nano coatings adds value through unsurpassed durability.   Nanoman products will give you an advantage over your competitors and provide your customers with savings by providing long lasting surface protection improving the look and life of most surfaces.