The Science of Protection

Nanotechnology is the future. Reduce cleaning times and protect valuable assets.

Re-inventing the way liquids and contaminants interact with any material surface.

Nanotechnology is the future, allowing you to SAVE TIME AND MONEY, protect and improve the lifespan of your valuable assets. Nanotechnology reinvents the way liquids and contaminants interact with any material surface. It rewrites the rules of interaction and changes the atomic configuration of the surface to provide advantages and benefits that we haven’t imagined possible.

Creating complex structures that are measured in nanometres, (10-9), we are able to merge chemistry and physics together to bring about exciting results. These results enhance every day materials to provide a vast array of benefits and now they can be accessible to everyone.

At Nanoman, we have engineered a range of long lasting nano coatings for every surface imaginable. Microscopically tiny particles of Silicon Dioxide (Si02) are manipulated in such a way that they form a strong bond with the surface material to provide a range of advantages. These coatings are incredibly thin and cannot be seen with the naked eye. They do not change the look, texture or breathability of the various materials, yet provide a barrier that is impervious to liquids and provides an anti-stick surface for dirt and other contaminants. It prevents the growth and development of fungus, moss and algae and results in an easy to clean surface.

nanoman, what is nanotechnology

This cutting edge, 21st century science is designed to deliver the following benefits:

  • Easy, DIY application
  • Safe to use, non-toxic materials
  • Food safe
  • Cuts cleaning time and use of chemical cleaners by up to 90%
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Long lasting (5 years for most surface coatings)
  • Maintains the look of surfaces by protecting them from stains and UV damage
  • Protection against water damage (including electrical circuits)
  • Prolong the life of assets and improve their resale or residual value

The work at Nanotech Products is on going and we are constantly looking at ways to improve our current range as well as introduce new products.   The applications for nanotechnology coatings are vast and we anticipate these solutions to become part of everyday life in the years to come.

Nano Coatings

Nano coating describes the application of nanostructures on surfaces.

Nanotechnology is one of the key technologies for the 21st century and one that will become increasingly relevant in the future. Nano surface coatings are the next generation of coatings available for application on surfaces giving enhanced benefits and attributes that previously didn’t exist.   

These intelligent nanostructures provide superior performance results such as providing smoother, more resilient, invisible, flexible and longer lasting surface coatings than previously thought possible.  On non-porous materials like glass and metal they greatly enhance the cleaning experience by minimising the cleaning times required and the use of chemical agents leading to a more eco friendly environment.  On porous materials like timber, stone and fabrics they prevent stains and water damage and prolong the life of these materials well beyond the norm. 

Further benefits are also possible with the development of specialised nano coatings. These include:

  • Anti Graffiti coatings (for both porous and non-porous materials) to enable the quick and easy removal of graffiti.
  • Protection against Rust & Corrosion
  • Electrical and Circuit protection to prevent costly outages and failures due to the effects of moisture

The applications for nano coatings are almost endless providing solutions and enhancements that previously seemed impossible.

How does Nanotechnology work?

how Nanoman nano coating works on timber

Depiction of Nanoman protective coating applied on porous surfaces, such as timber or stone.

When nano particles are applied to a surface, the random particles self-organise in a way that binding components adhere to the surface material and anti-adhesive components are directed outwards forming the top of the nano layer. This self-organisation forms an ultra thin, invisible layer that is extremely durable and repels liquids. Contaminants such as dirt particles will sit on top of this coating but are easily wiped away with a damp cloth or simply by the rain.

The size of these nano particles is incredibly small, measured in the nano scale, they are no more than 5 or 6 atoms.  This is thousands of times smaller than conventional coatings allowing them to fill cracks and crevasses in surface materials like glass that can only be seen under an electron microscope. On porous materials like timber, stone and fabric, they form a protective layer around the fibres of these substrates as well as penetrate into the pores of the substrate, spreading out and giving that material even more strength and protection. Whilst being incredibly small, these nano coatings will still allow air molecules to pass through enabling natural materials to “breath”. They do not alter the look or feel of materials making them useable in a wide variety of situations and across a wide range of surfaces.

Nanoman products have all been developed and optimised for specific surfaces and their material characteristics. That way we can guarantee the best result for glass, stone, timber, fabrics and other materials is always achieved.