Featured Projects

Sydney Metro Northwest Rapid Transit (NRT) Project. Castle Hill, NSW.

 As part of this major NSW Rail Project, Nanoman Anti Graffiti coating (porous) was used on the four major parking building built by Foxville Projects Group, in Rouse Hill, Bella Vista, Cheerybrook and Castle Hill.

Nanoman Anti Graffiti was used on the timber facades providing these modern structures with a weather protecting clear coating offering easy graffiti removal.

United Arab Emirates Airport Lounge. Mumbai, India.

Nanoman Fabric + Textile coating used throughout this exclusive airport lounge to maintain and protect the decor, including fabric and leather furniture.

Goethe Institute,
Woollahra NSW.

Nanoman Anti Graffiti Coating was used on this section of the Berlin Wall, obtained by the Goethe Institute and on display in Sydney, to help preserve and protect it.
David Allman, Property Manager with the Goethe-Institute, commented that “It helped bring a more vivid colour to the graffiti”.

Windows in the Bush,

Nanoman Glass + Ceramic was applied on a private residence in bushland country Victoria.

This easy to apply coating is engineered to prevent the build up of dirt and other contaminants on the glass and enable the easy cleaning of them, especially the less accessible windows.

Quest Apartments. Docklands, VIC.

As part of newly constructed Quest Apartments in Melbourne’s CBD, Nanoman Glass + Ceramic and Nanoman Fabric + Textile was used throughout to give the principle Housekeeping Manager advantages in maintaining the appearance of each room and minimising maintenance costs.

Cheltenham Park Sports Pavilion. Cheltenham VIC.

Nanoman Anti Graffiti coatings were used extensively on the exterior of the Cheltenham Park Sports Pavilion. The coated materials included both biowood (coated with Nanoman Anti Graffiti Porous) and colorbond steel (coated with Nanoman Anti Graffiti non-porous).

Various Sydney and Melbourne Murals.

Nanoman’s clear Anti Graffiti coating makes the ideal choice for coating and protecting murals from vandals as well as the weather. A popular choice with artists and property owners alike.maintaining the appearance of each room and minimising maintenance costs.

Townhouses. Northcote, VIC.

Residential townhouse construction by Property Collectives used 3 Nanoman coatings during construction.  Nanoman Anti Graffiti (porous and non-porous) was used on the brick and colourbond fencing and exteriors,  whilst Nanoman Raw Timber coating was used on the second level apartments.

Ballam Park. Frankston, VIC.

The Ballam Park Sports Pavilion was constructed by S J Higgins in 2019/20 using Nanoman Anti Graffiti coatings on the exterior brick work.