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What We Do

Nanoman was established to bring modern science into everyday living by offering a wide range of nanotechnology enabled coatings for consumer, trade and commercial use. 

Nanoman timeline

Established offering just a few nano coatings, through our commitment to R&D we have continued to grow, and now offer the widest range of nanotechnology products available which are all specifically engineered for different surfaces types.

All our products offer great value to our customers. Every person that experiences our products first-hand appreciates their qualities. With our products, tasks can be made easier, quicker and safer. Explore the products and possibilities.

Nanoman Nanotechnology Coatings

Through our Nanoman brand, we offer the most comprehensive range of nanotechnology enabled surface coatings currently available in Australia and globally.

All of our coatings are developed specifically for a particular type of material, enhancing the properties of that material and providing a multitude of advantages. These advantages include Improved durability, easy to clean properties, abrasion resistance, waterproofing, stain protection, graffiti removal, and mechanical functionality.

Nanoman nano coatings

Nanoman coatings provide surface protection for a variety of materials including glass, solar panels, stone, concrete, wood, metal, fabric and textiles, tiles, plastics, masonry walls, motor vehicles, boats and mechanical and electrical equipment.

All our products are all eco-friendly, easy to use and designed to provide maximum protection from liquids, environmental pollution and weathering. They can be used across a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial applications and have been designed for both internal and external use.

At Nanoman, we are constantly looking at ways to bring these 21st century coatings into everyday life. We believe Nanotechnology products have the ability to change everyday surfaces we take for granted and at the same time improve the environment in which we live.

Consumer & Retail Focus

Our complete range of nano coatings is available to consumer DIY users through the online shop.
Nanoman range of protective nano coatings
At Nanoman we are concentrating on nanotechnology coatings that will:
  • Make your life easier
  • Save you time and money
  • Be better for the environment and planet
  • Protect the things that are valuable to us
  • And extend the life of surfaces through self cleaning, easy cleaning and repelling coatings.

We pride ourselves on providing our consumer DIY customers the exact same trade quality range of products that are used by our larger trade and commercial users.

For more information or to purchase any of our Nanoman coatings please visit our online shop for the largest range of nanotechnology enabled easy / self cleaning water repelling coatings available.

Understanding Commercial & Trade Users

One-on-one commercial collaborations to provide cost effective coating solutions.

workman at commercial site using Nanoman nano protection

We continue to work closely with our commercial and trade customers and strive to provide them with solutions to the myriad of issues that they face and are looking to overcome. We are rapidly becoming the leader in the supply of protective nano coatings on both large and small building and engineering projects as the abilities of our nano coatings are better understood and are becoming more commonly specified by architects and project engineers alike.

Due to our understanding of the capabilities of nanotechnology-based solutions, and a constantly developing R&D mindset, we continue to bring to the table cutting edge products that add value to big and small building and infrastructure projects.

Our commercial solutions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Anti-Graffiti Coatings for Building and Infrastructure Projects.
  • Anti-Rust and Corrosion Coatings for metal structures, particularly marine environments.
  • Solar Panel Coatings to improve the efficiency and cleaning of installations.
  • Glass coatings for improvements in cleaning efficiencies.
  • Fabric and Textile Coatings, (Oeko-Tex, Std 100 certified) for use in commercial applications.
  • Electronic Circuit protection eliminating short circuits and electrical failures due to water ingress.
  • Antibacterial coatings to kill pathogens and bacteria on surfaces.

All are coatings are available Australia wide for direct purchases by wholesalers, the trade and commercial users, for their own application or use in their operations or on their projects. 

For a better understanding on how nano coatings can add value to your project or information on product pricing, or product purchasing,:
email      sales@nanoman.com.au or call us on 1300 696 266