Ultimate Surface Protection Against Virus, Bacteria and Germs.

Current Problem

Every day we come into contact with germs including bacteria and viruses that are transmitted not only through aerosol droplets but also via everything we touch. Bacteria such as E.coli and Staphylococcus and Viruses such as Influenza and Covid-19 are easily contracted from surfaces causing severe illness and lost efficiency. Regular disinfectants go some way in preventing this but they only provide one-off kills and surfaces are easily re-contaminated again when touched by an infected person.

Nanoman Solution

Utilising specialisation in nanotechnology, Nanoman Antimicrobial has been developed to provide an additional layer of protection against the spread of bacteria and viruses. With expertise in developing coatings that bond with the surface material at a molecular level, Nanoman provides long lasting protection that works 24/7 to destroy these germs, providing peace of mind in your home and work environment.

Common Touch Points

Nanoman Antimicrobial common touch point
Nanoman Antimicrobial hard surfaces on hand rail
nanoman hard surface protection

How Antimicrobial Works

Nanoman Antimicrobial is best described as having a dual effect. It will upon application clean and disinfect the surface, achieving a 99.99% kill rate of all germs, bacteria and viruses that are on that surface. It then provides a long-lasting coating, best described as a microscopic layer of pins that continue to provide a “mechanical or physical” kill of the germs. This renders them inert and unable to infect people who subsequently touch these coated surfaces.

This dual action is unique and can only be achieved by Nanoman’s deep understanding of how to formulate nano coatings. The coating will not alter the look or feel of any surface to which it is applied and is not affected by regular cleaning. In fact, routine cleaning is desirable to wipe away the dead micro-organisms and maintain the coating’s optimal effectiveness

open layout office protected with nanoman antibacterial 365 hard surfaces


Nanoman Antimicrobial is an additional safeguard against the spread of germs including bacteria and viruses like COVID-19. It’s a long-term solution in helping to prevent the spread of these micro-organisms, providing extra peace of mind for work colleagues and the public at large.

  • Dual action, instant clean and on-going protection.
  • Can be applied to all hard surfaces and high touch areas.
  • Effective for up to 6 months.
  • Invisible, UV stable and abrasion resistant.
  • Easy application.
  • Unaffected by other regular cleaning products.
  • Less spread = less downtime = better productivity.

The Science

Nanoman Antimicrobial for Hard Surfaces has been entered into the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG #378356) for use as a Hospital Grade Disinfectant. It has been scientifically tested and is certified as being effective against viruses such as COVID-19, bacteria and germs.

Nanoman Antimicrobial has been developed specifically for Hard Surfaces. If you are looking for fabric protection, our Antibacterial365 is a better solution.

Nanoman Antimicrobial is not for use as a hand sanitiser or use on skin.


Applicable across all commercial industries, Nanoman Antimicrobial Hard Surfaces and Antibacterial Fabric Surfaces provides a surface protection safeguard that allows industries to operate with peace of mind that surfaces won’t be re-infected by Covid-19 and other germs, bacteria and viruses.


Schools are open, with many children remaining in masks and relying on rapid testing for detection of covid spread. The common cold and gastro viruses are becoming more prevalent, after being stagnant for some time. Using Nanoman Antimicrobial on high touch points, such as desks, chairs and bathrooms provides on-going reassurance that surfaces remain germ, bacteria and Covid free.

open layout office protected with nanoman antibacterial 365 hard surfaces


Work from home restrictions have now been lifted and workers are slowly returning to the office spaces that have been vacant for two years. Hesitant employees, concerned with the chances of picking up Covid while at work remains an issue. A twice-yearly application of Nanoman Antimicrobial helps reassure these office workers that it is safe to return. Worth the small investment to get teams back together to collaborate!

Aged Care

Protecting the vulnerable during Covid remains a challenge in an environment that is prone to ongoing outbreaks. Nanoman Antimicrobial provides the peace of mind that residents and staff need and will help allow their much-loved visitors to return.

A simple non-toxic application on high touch points twice a year is all it takes to help maintain the health of aged care residents and reduce the viruses and germs prevalent in an aged care environment.

Nanoman Antimicrobial hard surface protection

Public Transport

The community remains hesitant to use public transport for fear of Covid spreading in confined spaces. Whilst masks remain in public transport settings, the cleaning regime alone isn’t enough to combat the spread. That’s where Nanoman Antimicrobial provides invaluable protection with only a twice yearly application required.

Public Spaces

Areas such as libraries, community centres, work space hubs, places of worship etc become a congregation point for many in the community. This is turn creates the perfect breeding ground for viruses to spread. Nanoman Antimicrobial is an easy DIY spray that requires no special training to apply. One application will provide a surface protection safe guard that won’t need re-applying for 6 months.

Tourist Areas

The tourism industry had estimated revenue losses of $10 billion per month over the initial six to eight months of the pandemic*.

Tourists are now keen to finally return to travel after the restrictions imposed by Covid over the last couple of years have lifted. Nanoman Antimicrobial provides the tourism industry with an added layer of protection that surfaces are protected from germs and viruses (including Covid-19) for 6 months with a single application.

*Source: Australian Government: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Cars & Fleets

Whether travelling to and from work, or at other times, we are spending more and more time in shared cars.  A significant amount of our time is spent in vehicles and keeping them clean is an important consideration, especially with anxiety about cleanliness at at all time high as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Nanoman Antimicrobial provides peace of mind for passengers that once surfaces are treated they are protected from germs and viruses, without the need to constantly re-apply a disinfectant to the myriad of high touch points in a vehicle.

Sporting Venues

Australians love sport, and post pandemic that hasn’t changed. Sporting stadiums are opening up and crowds are heading back to watch their favourite teams on the field.

Nanoman Antimicrobial can be sprayed on to outdoor stadium seating, without requiring re-application after rain. It remains effective for 6 months after application to kill Covid-19, and other viruses on contact.