Vehicle and Boat Protection

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Nanoman offers you a wide range of protective coatings for some of your most valuable assets, cars, caravans and boats of all types.  All coatings are specifically engineered for the harsh conditions that these vehicles and boats endure.  They provide valuable surface protection and allow for the quick and easy cleaning of them, reducing maintenance time and keeping them in pristine condition, without hours of hard work and the use of chemical cleaners.

Vehicle Protection

Nanoman provides a full suite of protective coatings for every component of your car, truck, trailer, SUV, caravan, motor home or motorcycle. All our coatings are easy to apply.  The polish provides a showroom like shine that is both long lasting and easy to maintain.  Cleaning will now be a breeze without the need for costly chemical cleaners and shampoos.

These invisible coatings are bonded at a molecular level, giving them incredible durability and endurance.  Contaminants such as dirt, oil, brake dust, bird droppings and bug splatter that would otherwise adhere to these surfaces can now be easily washed away with water and a sponge or cloth.  Liquid spills will no longer be able to leave marks and stains on seats, covers, floors and floor-mats. Our invisible Fabric + Textile coating can be applied to leather as well as fabric and will not change the look or feel of these materials whilst giving you the comfort that life’s little accidents can be easily cleaned up without leaving a mess or even a mark.

Our suite of coatings for full vehicle protection includes the following:

siO2 silica quartz nano car polish on sports car

Nanoman Car Polish + Seal utilises SiO2 ceramic nano particles to protect your car’s painted surface by providing a highly durable layer that repels water, dirt and grime making it difficult for contaminants to adhere onto the paintwork. The coating bonds with the surface and reduces the sticking ability of dirt, insects and pollution.  Your car can now be cleaned with just water without costly chemicals in no time at all, while maintaining its glowing shine.

Unlike waxes, which will last weeks, Nanoman Polish + Seal can last up to 18 months on new cars and 12 months on older cars. It requires no special skills or equipment to apply and is very cost effective.

Nanoman Wheels is a nano coating that protects rims to keep them looking like new.  It forms a tough ultra thin barrier on the rim providing excellent protection against brake dust and its corrosive effects.

The coating is also super hydrophobic which causes water to bead up and roll off the surface. This water beading picks up and carries away fresh surface contaminants including brake dust.

These adhesive properties helps to make routine cleaning quicker and easier and reduces the need to use chemical cleaners. A damp cloth is usually all that is needed to wipe off brake dust and bring back the shine.

Nanoman Wheels is suitable for all metal and ceramic rims and will remain effective for 2+ years.

nanoman nano wheel coating, easy clean
car interior with coffee protected with Nanoman car fabric protection

Nanoman Car Fabric protects fabrics and textiles from water, dirt, contaminants and stains, whilst remaining totally invisible. It will not change the look or feel of the material in any way, and provides an ongoing protection day after day for up to 12 months.

Car Seats of every material can be treated. Water, coffee and even food substances are repelled and will not soak into the material. Liquid spills will either run off or sit on top of the surface and can be easily cleaned up using a paper towel or cloth.

Say goodbye to stains developing on car seats through accidental spillages or sitting on them in wet / dirty clothes. Baby carriers and child seats can also be protected with complete confidence. The coating is 100% non-toxic and skin safe.

Nanoman Glass is a clear, nanotechnology enabled glass coating, which improves overall visibility and durability of windscreen surfaces by making the glass surface super hydrophobic.

Nanoman bonds with the windscreen surface to provide an invisible, non-stick protective barrier that is water repellent and self-cleaning.

It makes wet weather driving not only more comfortable but safer, by providing better visibility (especially at night) giving you more reaction time.  It increases the field of vision when driving in wet weather by beading the water away from the area that wipers can’t reach.  The heavier the rain, the more effective it is.

nanoman glass coating water repellent windscreen

Boat & Watercraft Protection

Nanoman also offers a full range of protective nano coatings for all types of  boats and watercraft.  Formulated to provide maximum protection from harsh coastal and marine environments, Nanoman coatings have been designed to make cleaning and maintaining watercraft easier, faster and less costly; as well as maintaining their appearance and investment value.

Nanoman coatings are all UV stable and will not breakdown from the effects of UV or weather. The coatings are completely invisible and will not alter the look of your watercraft. In fact they provide a protective microscopically thin nano layer that will actually strengthen and protect what’s underneath.  Biological safe, the polish can be also used below the water line without any negative effects to marine life or the environment.  This will not only make these surfaces easier to clean but will also improve efficiency through the water.

Nanoman offers the following suite of coatings to cover just about every marine vessel situation:

sio2 silica quartz boat polish and nano protection
boat paint protection, silica quartz, si02 coating

Nanoman Boat Polish and Seal is a nanotechnology enabled long lasting sealant that imparts a non-stick and an easy to clean high shine effect on boat surfaces. Engineered to last up to 18 months, the coating is biologically safe and highly durable. It will not crack or peel off due to UV and has a high resistance to scratches and abrasions. It is completely invisible and can be used above and below the waterline.

This easy to apply coating makes cleaning your boat far easier and quicker leaving you more time to enjoy your boating.  Your boat will be better protected from the effects of weather, UV and the harsh marine environments in general after just a single application.

A quick hose and wipe down with a damp cloth is usually all that’s required to clean down your boat after use. It will minimise the incidence of oxidisation and add years to the appearance of your boat regardless of how it is stored.

Nanoman Glass Coating is a clear, nanotechnology enabled coating, which improves overall visibility and durability of windscreen and glass surfaces by making the glass surface super hydrophobic.

Nanoman bonds with the glass surface to provide an invisible, non-stick protective barrier that is water repellent and self / easy cleaning improving your visibility when conditions turn unfavourable.

With this advanced coating technology all your boat glass surfaces can be protected making them easy / self cleaning and water repelling.  Perfect for harsh marine environments.

boat windscreen with nanoman rain repellant glass coating
leisure boat interior with nanoman fabric couch protection

Nanoman Fabric + Textile will protect all types of textiles against water, dirt and stains whilst remaining totally invisible. It will prevent the growth of mould on seats and minimise the damage of UV and corrosive marine salt air.

Boat seats, bimini’s and fabric of every material can be treated. Water and liquid spills are not able to penetrate the material and will run off the surface preventing stains and permanent marks.  The nano coating is highly abrasive resistant and is UV stable, ensuring its longevity and practical application.

Ideal for seats and fabric surfaces below deck. It will maintain the appearance of interior furnishings and eliminate the effects of water damage.

Nanoman Electricals + Circuits is a must have for all boat and yacht owners.  It is a nanotechnology enabled moisture protection spray that protects electrical and electronic parts, from all forms of water (vapour, humidity, condensation, water, splashes, rain, flooding, saltwater etc.)

It provides you with peace of mind that electrics will not stop working due to water penetration. It maintains electrical circuits and even restores electrical connectivity after submerging and in wet conditions.

Be prepared for the quick fix of short circuits even in the harshest of boating and marine conditions.

leisure boat electrical and motor protected with nanoman circuit protection

Nanoman Commercial and Trade Supply

All our coatings are available Australia wide for direct purchases by wholesalers, trade and commercial users, for their own application or use in their operations or on their projects.

For information on product pricing, product purchasing, supply and application services or setting up a business account please email us at: or call us on 1300 696 266

  • Fabric water proofing spray

    Fabric Waterproofing Spray

    Fabric Protection $39.95 inc GST
  • Nanoman Antibacterial Fabric surfaces 250ml

    Antibacterial 365 Fabric Surfaces

    Antibacterial & Antimicrobial
    Rated 0 out of 5
    $39.95 inc GST
  • Nanoman 1 Litre Anitmicrobial

    Antimicrobial Hard Surfaces Disinfectant

    Antibacterial & Antimicrobial
    Rated 0 out of 5
    $132.00 inc GST
  • Antimicrobial Hard Surfaces Disinfectant 125ml

    Antibacterial & Antimicrobial
    Rated 0 out of 5
    $39.95 inc GST
  • Antimicrobial Hard Surfaces Disinfectant 250ml

    Antibacterial & Antimicrobial
    Rated 0 out of 5
    $75.00 inc GST
  • nanoman easy clean glass and ceramic coating

    Glass Coating Kit

    Household Protection $54.95 inc GST
  • nanoman car polish, sio2, silica quartz, easy clean

    Car Polish and Sealant Kit

    Car Protection $59.95 inc GST
  • nanoman car fabric protection

    Car Fabric Protector Spray 250mL

    Car Protection $39.95 inc GST
  • Nanoman Brake Dust Repellent and Protective coating kit for Wheels

    Wheels Coating Kit

    Car Protection $54.95 inc GST
  • nanoman boat polish, si02 silica quartz

    Boat Polish and Sealant

    Boat Protection $120.00 inc GST
  • Nanoman Metal coating, easy to clean

    Metal Coating Kit

    Household Protection
    Rated 0 out of 5
    $54.95 inc GST
  • Nanoman electrical moisture protection

    Electrical Protection Spray

    Specialized Protection
    Rated 0 out of 5
    $49.95 inc GST
  • Nanoman rust and corrosion preventative

    Anti Rust and Corrosion 250mL

    Specialized Protection
    Rated 0 out of 5
    $160.00 inc GST
  • nanoman electrical and circuit moisture protection, dry film finish

    Electrical Protection Spray DRY

    Specialized Protection $49.95 inc GST
  • Graffiti Remover 250ml

    Rated 0 out of 5
    $29.95 inc GST
  • Metal Coating 750ml

    Household Protection
    Rated 0 out of 5
    $199.00 inc GST
  • Solar Panel Coating 2Lt

    Exterior & Outdoors Protection
    Rated 0 out of 5
    $450.00 inc GST