Graffiti Remover

Powerful clean

Eco friendly


Nanoman VOC free

VOC free


  • Easy to use and suitable for the professional and DIY user alike.
  • No unpleasant solvent fumes (VOC free).
  • Fast acting and easy to use.
  • Removes all types of graffiti in 2-3 minutes.
  • Easy rinsing with pressure washer or garden pressure handheld hose.

$49.95 inc GST


Nanoman Graffiti Remover is used specifically for the removal of graffiti from all surfaces protected with Nanoman Anti-Graffiti coatings. Due to its quick action, graffiti on painted surfaces can be removed effectively without causing damage to the Nanoman Anti Graffiti coating underneath the graffiti. Removes residue left from spray paint, felt pen based paints and inks.

Nanoman Graffiti Remover is a user friendly blend of organic solvents. It has been specially mixed to produce a product capable of removing graffiti on all surfaces protected with Nanoman Anti Graffiti coatings. All types of enamel and acrylic paints are easily removed.

Nanoman Graffiti Remover can be used on Nanoman protected surfaces and depending upon the graffiti medium and its age on untreated surfaces including brickwork (painted and unpainted), concrete, various types of metal surfaces (e.g. galvanised, aluminium and steel) as well as timber and plastic (e.g. perspex) surfaces.

  • Always remove graffiti as quickly as possible, as it is usually easier to remove and deters repeat offences.
  • When used as directed, Nanoman Graffiti Remover will not damage the underlying Anti-Graffiti coating.


Trade sizes available, enquire here
or 1300 696 266 (Australia only)

1.  What surface materials can I use this on?

Nanoman Graffiti Remover is designed to be used on surfaces that have previously been coated with Nanoman Anti-Graffiti coatings (porous and non-porous surface protections). Used properly, it will not damage these coatings allowing for repeated removals.

2.  Can I remove Graffiti by pressure blasting?

No, water blasting or use of chemical cleaners should never be used to remove graffiti, as this will potentially damage not only the substrate material but also the protective anti-graffiti coating it.  Using Nanoman Graffiti Remover allows for fast, targeted graffiti removal and ensures the safe protection of both the substrate material and the Anti-graffiti coating.

3.  Is Nanoman Graffiti Remover Safe?

Yes, Nanoman Graffiti Remover is a VOC (volatile organic compound) free product. It is advisable to wear gloves when using, avoid contact with eyes and never ingest. Please refer to the SDS for full safety details.

4.  How do I use the Graffiti Remover?

Nanoman Graffiti Remover allows for the targeted removal of graffiti.  Working in small areas at a time, apply some remover to the graffiti and agitate it gently using a clean soft bristle brush (eg paint brush). After about 1 minute, wipe the area with a soft cloth in the direction of the existing graffiti so as not to spread. Repeat as necessary until all the graffiti has been removed then rinse the area with water using a standard water hose or spray from a bottle.

  • Never scrub the area or use too much force
  • Always use clean clothes and brushes
  • Avoid spreading the graffiti being removed
  • Never use pressure washers
  • Test first in an inconspicuous area
  • Dispose of clothes and waste thoughtfully

5.  Will Nanoman Graffiti Remover damage the Anti-Graffiti Coating?

Used correctly and in accordance with instructions, the Graffiti Remover will not damage the Nanoman Anti Graffiti Coatings. However, repeated removals in and around the same area will eventually diminish the Anti-graffiti coating in which case it would be advisable to repair these areas by re-applying the Nanoman Anti Graffiti coating as required.



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