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Nanoman Anti Graffiti coatings are advanced, non-sacrificial, long lasting one-coat solutions specially formulated to protect surfaces from the permanent defacing of undesirable graffiti. The anti graffiti coatings make graffiti removal quick and easy without damaging the surface painted or otherwise. Unlike other anti-graffiti coatings that erode away after time or fail after just a few cleanings, Nanoman Anti Graffiti is durable and allows graffiti to be removed multiple times without re-application.

Nanoman has Anti Graffiti coatings suitable for a variety of surfaces including both porous and non-porous materials.  They provide a barrier that is long lasting and will protect assets against the effects of weather and graffiti vandals. The coatings are designed to avoid the need for costly repainting, repairs and labour-intensive cleaning. The coatings are suitable for private and domestic areas as well as larger commercial buildings and infrastructure projects.


With Nanoman anti graffiti coatings it’s now easy to protect buildings, signs, monuments and infrastructure from graffiti vandals. Quick removal is the best way to deter graffiti vandals, who will look for different targets when their “work” disappears quickly. Our anti graffiti coatings make graffiti removal simple and quick without damaging the underlying surface.


Nanoman Anti Graffiti Coatings are also ECO FRIENDLY. They are low VOC and they eliminate the need for harsh environmentally damaging chemical graffiti removers. Used in conjunction with our non-toxic, VOC free Graffiti Remover they are safe to use and not harmful to the environment. Nanoman is truly the 21st century COST EFFECTIVE solution to for governments, councils, businesses and property owners in controlling and eliminating graffiti. They provide long lasting protection for almost any surface and eliminates the need for costly repainting, repairs and specialist labour-intensive cleaning.
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Nanoman Anti Graffiti coatings are a must have for the protection of Murals, whether on porous or non-porous surfaces. The Anti Graffiti coating brings murals alive whether they are indoors or outdoors and ensure that these artistic creations retain their presence for years to come.

The hydrophobic and self-cleaning effect will keep these surfaces looking much cleaner than uncoated surfaces.

Using our VOC free Graffiti Remover will ensure that any “unwanted additions” to the art work is easily removed easily without any residual shadowing or damage to the coating or underlying surface or mural.

Anti Graffiti Protection for
Porous Materials

Nanoman Anti Graffiti (Porous materials) is a clear, long lasting one-coat application, non-sacrificial protective coating.  It can be sprayed, brushed or rolled directly onto bare brick, concrete, timber or painted surfaces. It applies and dries quickly, with excellent adhesion properties. Requiring only one coat the application process is quick, efficient and cost.

Once cured, the coating becomes intrinsic with the substrate material. The coating is UV neutral and will not discolour, crack, peel or flake off at any stage due to weather or sunlight. The coating has an effective life of 10 years and has been tested by CSIRO to fully with the APAS1441 standard.

In addition, coated surfaces become hydrophobic and easily cleaned against normal environmental dirt and pollution, maintaining the assets appearance and increasing the life of the coated item.

Please refer to the product TDS for further technical advice and information.

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Anti Graffiti Protection for
Non Porous Materials

Nanoman Anti Graffiti (non porous) has been specially developed for smooth, non-absorbent metal surfaces including galvanised steel, aluminium, stainless steel, corten steel as well as powder coated surfaces like roller doors exterior cabinets and fences. It is also suitable for plastics, polyurethane or epoxy coated materials.

It provides a clear, invisible finish that is abrasion resistant and will not yellow with age. Nanoman Anti Graffiti (non porous) is highly resistant to most types of aerosol spray paint and permanent markers, as well as dirt, chewing gum, oil, soot and pollution. It is UV stable and has a very high heat tolerance.

Surfaces protected with Nanoman Anti Graffiti (non porous) prevent the adhesion of graffiti and makes removal of paints and permanent markers quick and easy. Due to the coating’s hydrophobic properties, liquids such as paints are repelled, deterring graffiti vandals from tagging these surfaces. These same hydrophobic properties essentially make the coated surfaces self-cleaning against normal environmental dirt and pollution.

Please refer to the product TDS for further technical advice and information.

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Anti Graffiti Protection for Murals

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Features and Benefits of Nanoman
Anti Graffiti Coatings

  • Reduction in time and cost to remove graffiti.
  • Graffiti can be removed easily, leaving no ghosting or shadowing.
  • Non sacrificial – supports multiple graffiti removals.
  • Long effective life (10yrs porous/7yrs non porous).
  • Certified to APAS 1441 standard (porous coating).
  • Clear transparent finish.
  • High weather resistance (will not yellow, peel or flake) and resistant to UV and salt spray.
  • Protects surfaces from environmental pollution.
  • Single coat application. No second coat required – No double clean up – No wasted time waiting around to apply second coat.
  • Easy application process by brush roller or spray.
  • Reduction in time and cost to remove graffiti.
  • No specialty graffiti removal companies are required, any person can remove graffiti.
  • Speeds up graffiti removal; fast graffiti removal deters repeat attacks.
  • No ongoing paint overs and unsightly colour patches.
  • Low VOC content (porous) with zero VOC Graffiti Remover.


  • Concrete, brick and masonry surfaces.
  • Natural stone (inc bluestone, sandstone, granite etc).
  • Painted surfaces (concrete or metal).
  • Metals and Plastics.
  • Children’s play grounds.
  • Public areas, Heritage Buildings and Council property.
  • Signage, both painted and cut vinyl.
  • Architectural specification when planning and building new projects.
  • Road and highway infrastructure (including freeway noise and retaining walls, overpasses, bridges, jersey barriers, tunnels etc).
  • Public transport stations, shelters, trains, trams & buses.
  • Shopping centres, Commercial buildings and walkways.
  • Schools and Sports pavilions.
  • Fences, gates, roller doors and barriers.
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