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  • Protection for all plastic and polymer surfaces.
  • Repels water and prevents the build-up of dirt and other contaminants.
  • Ideal for motorcycle visors.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Long lasting (up to 5 yrs. depending on use).
  • Protects against etching and surface degradation.
  • Reduces cleaning time by up to 90%.
  • Reduces the need to use chemical cleaners.
  • Invisible, UV stable and chemical resistant.
  • Certified food safe.

$49.95$89.95 inc GST


Nanoman Plastic + Polymers is a clear, nanotechnology enabled coating engineered specifically for all types of plastic and polymer surfaces including Acrylic, Perspex and synthetics. The coating forms an invisible, long lasting bond with the surface to repel water and prevent stains and the build-up of dirt and other contaminants.

Nanoman Plastic + Polymers is abrasion resistant and will help protect these surfaces from etching and the effects of weathering when used outdoors. The coating is completely UV Stable and cannot peel, flake, crake or discolour at any time. When used outside, coated materials become largely self-cleaning (compared to uncoated materials) as rain washes away the dirt, dust and other contaminants that have been unable to adhere to these surfaces. When used on moving objects, water will bead off giving greater visibility. These properties make the coating ideal for use on skylights, and plastic or acrylic awning and verandas, security and road side/traffic cameras, outdoor play equipment, plastic windshields and Bimini covers on boats and motor cycle helmet visors.

Nanoman Plastic + Polymers is designed to reduce cleaning times (by up to 90%) and the use of most household and commercial chemical cleaners. A quick wipe down with a damp cloth is all that is needed to keep coated surfaces clean. This is not only good for our environment but reduces water usage as well. Detergents can still be used from time to time and will not affect or damage the nano coating in any way.
Applying Nanoman Plastic + Polymers is a simple spray and wipe process. The coating can be applied to new as well as established surfaces and re-applied as necessary as the effects of the coating start to diminish.

  • Usage rate is approximately 10mls per m2.
  • Life span depends on usage: Stationary objects, 3-5 yrs, windscreens, biminis and motor cycle helmets 6-12 months.

Pricing includes GST and freight Australia wide.
Trade sizes available, enquire here
or 1300 696 266 (Australia only)

1. How does Nanoman Plastic + Polymers work?
Nanoman coatings contain specifically modified functional nanoparticles that self assemble. These surfaces become hydrophobic (water repellant) and anti-stick. Water simply beads and rolls off the coated surface taking dirt and other impurities with it.

2. Can Nanoman Plastic + Polymers harm plastic?
No. Nanoman products create a protective barrier that will actually strengthen the surface. This barrier is only 50-100 nanometres thick, and is invisible to the human eye. Nanoman is UV resistant, anti-corrosive and has a high resistance to scratches and abrasions.

3. What is the durability of Nanoman Plastic + Polymers?
This will depend on, exposure to environmental conditions (rain, grease, pollution etc), frequency and use of cleaners on the surface and the purpose for which the coating is used. On stationary objects the coating will remain effective for 3-5 years. When used on moving surfaces, eg motor cycle helmet visors, the coating will be effective for about 6 months.

4. Will I still have to clean the coated surfaces?
Yes. No surface can presently be made 100% self-cleaning. However, using Nanoman Plastic + Polymers coated surfaces results in most contaminants simply being picked up by water (rain or manual spraying) and rolling off the surface. Cleaning intervals and the amount of cleaning time required will be significantly reduced, but not eliminated completely. However, you will no longer need to use chemical cleaners that are costly and damaging to the environment. We recommend cleaning only with water and a damp soft cloth or towel. Occasionally, you may have to use a mild/PH neutral cleaner to remove the occasional stubborn mark.

5. Can I use Nanoman Plastic + Polymers on non plastic surfaces?
No. Nanoman products are specifically engineered for specific surfaces. We have other products in our range designed for use on other surfaces.

6. Is the coating biologically safe?
Nanoman Plastic + Polymers has been certified food safe after curing. We recommend wearing gloves and ensuring the work area is sufficiently ventilated. Nanoman Plastic + Polymers should not be ingested and in the event of eye contact, wash out immediately with water.

7. Does temperature affect Nanoman Plastic + Polymers?
Nanoman is stable at varying temperatures but is best applied at temperatures above 4° Celsius. Recommended curing times will increase with increased humidity. Nanoman should be stored in a sealed container, away from light, ideally within the temperature range +5° to +25° degrees Celsius.
The coated surface will be frost, temperature and UV resistant.

8. How long does it take for the coating to set?
Nanoman Plastic + Polymers requires about 60 minutes to bond to the surface during which time the surface should remain completely dry and untouched. In more humid conditions, drying time will be longer. After curing, the coated surface should be wiped down with a soft cloth and if necessary Nanoman Pre-Cleaner can be used to remove any remaining silanes or residue if any. The surface will be at its most effective after 24 hours and should be kept dry in this time if possible.


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