Boat Care

Enhance your boat maintenance with Nanoman’s premium boat care products, crafted to endure harsh marine environments and provide exceptional protection for your vessel.

Nanoman Boat Polish + Seal is a nano ceramic polish designed for fiberglass, gelcoat, and painted surfaces. This polish creates a high-gloss, hydrophobic barrier that repels water and contaminants, making cleaning easy with just water and a soft cloth. Its nano SiO2-based technology fills microscopic crevices, offering deep shine and long-lasting protection for up to 18 months. UV stable and resistant to scratches and abrasions, it protects against weather corrosion and marine pollutants, maintaining your boat’s appearance and value.

Nanoman Anti-Rust + Corrosion is a transparent coating that protects metal surfaces from rust, dirt, and corrosion. Using advanced polysilazane nanotechnology, it forms a durable barrier that bonds with the substrate and cures at room temperature. This single-coat application ensures long-lasting protection and allows for repeated cleaning without reapplication. Easy to apply with various methods, it offers excellent coverage and flexible usage rates.

These innovative solutions provide superior protection and ease of maintenance, ensuring your boat remains in top condition while reducing upkeep effort and costs. Choose Nanoman for cutting-edge boat care technology.

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  • nanoman boat polish, sio2, silica quartz, easy cleaning

    Boat Polish and Sealant 100ml

    Boat Care $49.95 inc GST
  • Boat Polish and Sealant 1Lt

    Boat Care $400.00 inc GST
  • nanoman boat polish, si02 silica quartz

    Boat Polish and Sealant

    Boat Care $120.00 inc GST