Raw Timber

Water repellent


long lasting



  • Water repellent (hydrophobic) and dirt repellent.
  • Significantly reduces timber surfaces from weathering.
  • Minimises stains and marks.
  • Easy one-coat application.
  • Completely invisible and UV Stable.
  • Great on all timber surfaces including decking and outdoor furniture.
  • Certified Food Safe.
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, VOC free.
  • Internal and External use.
  • Resistance against moss and algae.
  • Long lasting (up to 5 yrs. depending on use).

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Nanoman Raw Timber is a high-performance, nanotechnology enabled, penetrating sealer for the protection of all types of unpainted timber. It is a clear, colourless, breathable, abrasion-resistant, easy to clean, waterproofing coating designed to protect these surfaces from water damage, stains and marks caused by liquid spillages, food stuffs, and external pollutants such as dirt, bird droppings and leaf staining.

Nanoman Raw Timber has been designed to protect raw timber against water damage and decay whilst allowing it to age and grey naturally. With its hydrophobic properties, Nanoman Raw Timber ensures the integrity of the timber is preserved by inhibiting rot, mould, moss, algae and mildew growth. Once applied, the microscopic nano-particles form an invisible protective layer that creates a water repellent surface as well as penetrating into the pores of the timber to provide long lasting protection.

After applying Nanoman Raw Timber, dirt and contaminants from the environment can no longer permeate and be absorbed by the timber. Dirt particles are easy to remove, without the need for abrasive cleaning solvents or cleaning devices. Timber decks and patios can be easily cleaned with a light pressure wash and marks can be removed by gently dabbing with a damp cloth.

Nanoman Raw Timber is a very versatile penetrating sealer and coating in one and is a great alternative to decking oils and paints. It is 100% natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Application is very easy and it requires just a single coat to be totally effective.

IMPORTANT: Nanoman Raw Timber is NOT suitable for painted or varnished surfaces. Before applying to furniture check a small section to ensure the surface has not been coated with another sealant.

  • Placement and location will impact the durability of Nanoman Raw Timber.
  • Life span of up to 5 years in most conditions and longer in some environments.
  • If you are in an environment that produces a lot of friction against the coated surface i.e. a windy desert or seaside location, its life span may be shortened. Foot traffic will also lessen the life span of the sealant.
  • Recommended usage rate: 50 to 80ml per m2 (depending on porosity of material).
  • Single Coat only required.
  • We recommend spills be cleaned up as early as possible. Marks can be lifted by dabbing with a damp cloth.

1. How does Nanoman Raw Timber work?
Nanoman sealants contain specifically modified functional nano particles that self-assemble and produce a two-dimensional net matrix on the surface that becomes both hydrophobic (water repellent) and anti-stick. Water and dirt etc cannot absorb into the surface material making it very easy to clean and maintain.

2. Will Nanoman harm my surfaces?
Definitely not. In fact Nanoman products create a protective barrier that will actually strengthen the surface. This barrier is only 50-60 nanometers thick, which is invisible to the human eye. Due to the porous nature of wood, microscopic nano particles will also penetrate and spread inside the wood, magnifying its protective effect making the coating very effective at preventing the growth of moss and algae.

3. What is the durability of Nanoman Raw Timber?
Generally up to 5 years but will vary depending upon environmental factors and foot traffic.

4. Is the sealant biologically safe?
Nanoman Raw Timber has been certified food safe after curing and contains no toxic chemicals that could be harmful to the environment or users.  Nanoman Raw Timber should not be ingested and in the event of eye contact, wash out immediately with water.

5. Does temperature affect Nanoman Raw Timber?
Nanoman is stable at varying temperatures but is best applied at temperatures above 4° Celsius.
Recommended curing times will increase with increased humidity. Nanoman should be stored in a sealed container, away from light, ideally within the temperature range +5° to +25° degrees Celsius. Once treated, the surface becomes UV and thermal shock resistant.

6. How can I seal large surfaces, eg patios and outdoor areas?
For larger surfaces, we recommend using either a pump pressure sprayer or decking brush. If applying with a pump sprayer, spray in a uniform up and down pattern with slight overspray to ensure a complete coverage. The surface should appear damp but not soaking wet. Any pools of the coating can be soaked up with a cloth. If applying with a decking brush, ensure a uniform and consistent coverage is used.

7. Can I apply Nanoman products on surfaces that have been sealed with other products?
Nanoman Raw Timber is recommended for use on raw or untreated timber only. It will work on stained timber however the effect will not be as good due to the change in the characteristics of the surface. It is not recommended for use on painted timber surfaces.

8. How do I clean surfaces treated with Nanoman Raw Timber?
Nanoman products are designed to cut your cleaning time significantly and eliminate the need to use aggressive cleaners that are harmful to our environment. Aggressive chemical cleaners will actually reduce the lifespan of the Nano coating. We recommend cleaning only with water and wipe down with a soft cloth or towel. Marks can be removed by dabbing the area with a damp cloth. Do not rub vigorously or scrub the mark with a stiff bristle brush. For larger outdoor areas, you may use a high-pressure hose, (set to the lowest pressure possible), however we caution against over use as this will eventually reduce the lifespan of the Nanoman coating.

9. Can I use Nanoman Raw Timber on my new kitchen bench top?
Yes. Nanoman Raw Timber can be used on any raw timber surface both inside and outside the home and is perfect for protecting your brand new or used kitchen bench top. This sealant has been certified as food safe and is therefore ideal for use in food preparation areas.

10. How long does it take for the coatings to set?
Nanoman Raw Timber requires 24 hours to set and a further 4-5 days to cure properly. During the initial 24 hours the surface should be kept completely dry and untouched.


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