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Nanoman improves solar efficiency

improves efficiency

long lasting

Nanoman easy to clean

easy to clean


  • Repels water and prevents the build-up of dirt and other contaminants from environmental pollution.
  • Improves the efficiency of Solar Panels leading to a better return on investment.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Long lasting (up to 5 yrs. depending on location).
  • Protects against etching and surface degradation.
  • Invisible, UV stable and chemical resistant.
  • Easy to clean effect / self-cleaning effect as water rolls off the surface.
  • Reduces cleaning frequency saving time and cost.
  • Effective in coastal and dry inland environments.

$49.95$450.00 inc GST


Nanoman Solar is a clear, nanotechnology enabled coating, engineered for use on all types of Solar Panels. The coating forms an invisible and long-lasting bond with the surface of the solar panel to repel water and prevent the build-up of dirt and environmental pollution which can dramatically reduce the efficiency of the Solar Panels post installation. Dirt and pollutants are easily removed either naturally, each time it rains, or manually by hosing down or simply wiping/brushing off in the dustier and drier environments enabling the solar panels to function as intended and operate more efficiently.

Nanoman Solar is abrasion resistant and will help protect these surfaces from etching and the effects of weathering as well as installations involving automated and mechanical cleaning. The coating is completely UV stable and cannot peel, flake, crack or discolour at any time. It is also thermally dynamic, enabling it to be fully effective in the various temperature extremes where Solar Panels are installed.

Applying Nanoman Solar is a simple spray and wipe process. The coating is best applied to solar panels at or before the time of installation, however will also provide significant benefits when applied to existing arrays and installations. Nanoman Solar has an effective life of 5+yrs however in harsh environments it is recommended a re-application every 3 years to ensure maximum protection from the elements and greater efficiencies.

Usage rate is approximately 10mls per m2 (16mls per standard panel or 20mls per commercial panel).

Pricing includes GST and freight Australia wide.
Trade sizes available, enquire here
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1. How does Nanoman Solar work?
Nanoman coatings contain specifically modified functional nanoparticles that self-assemble and produce a two-dimensional net matrix on the surface that becomes both hydrophobic (water repellent) and anti-stick. Water simply beads and rolls off the coated surface taking dirt and other impurities with it. These self-cleaning properties result in your solar panels working more efficiently, producing more electricity than untreated panels.

2. Will Nanoman harm my solar panels?
Definitely not. In fact, Nanoman Solar creates a protective barrier that will actually strengthen the surface. This barrier is only 50-100 nanometres thick, which is invisible to the human eye. Nanoman is UV resistant, anti-corrosive and has a high resistance to scratches and abrasions.

3. What is the durability of Nanoman Solar?
This will depend on the condition of the surface being treated (new or already being used) and environmental factors. However generally the coating will last for 3 to 5 years. We recommend that the coating be reapplied after this time to ensure continued high efficiency.

4. Is the coating biologically safe?
Nanoman Solar is biologically safe and ecologically beneficial.  Notwithstanding this, we recommend the wearing of gloves and that the work area be sufficiently ventilated. Nanoman Solar should not be ingested and in the event of eye contact, washed out immediately in water.

5. Does temperature affect Nanoman Solar?
Nanoman Solar is stable at varying temperatures but is best applied at temperatures above 4°C. Recommended curing times will increase with increased humidity. Nanoman coatings should be stored in a sealed container, away from light, ideally within the temperature range +5 to +25°C. The treated surface will be frost and temperature resistant post application.

6. How can I seal large surfaces?
Nanoman Solar is best applied by spraying on and then rubbing in with a clean non-abrasive cloth. Work in small sections at a time and thoroughly rub in the nano coating until the entire surface has been coated. Do not over apply or use too much product as this is not required. Do not apply a second coat. Avoid applying in wet and windy conditions. Do not apply too much pressure when rubbing onto the solar panel as this may crack or otherwise damage the panel.

7. Do I have to mask up surrounding areas?
No, Nanoman Solar will not harm or damage surrounding surfaces like rubber or metal. Any overspray can be simply wiped off with a dry cloth.

8. Can I apply Nanoman products on surfaces that have been sealed with other products?
Yes, but the surfaces should be pre-cleaned thoroughly using either Nanoman Pre-Cleaner or Methylated Spirits. The surface to be treated has to be clean, completely dry and grease free prior to any application of the nano coating.

9. How do I clean surfaces treated with Nanoman Solar?
Nanoman products are designed to cut your cleaning time significantly and eliminate the need to use aggressive cleaners that are harmful to our environment. We recommend cleaning only with water and wipe down with a soft cloth or towel. Occasionally, you may have to use a mild/neutral cleaner to remove the occasional stubborn mark to keep your solar panels operating efficiently. In areas where water is scarce, Solar panels can be cleaned with a soft cloth. Nanoman Solar is abrasion resistant and can withstand mechanical cleaning devices used in many large scale installations.

10. How long does it take for the coatings to set? 
Nanoman Solar requires 30 – 60 minutes to cure during which time the surface should remain completely dry and untouched. In more humid conditions, curing time will be longer. After curing, the coated surface should be polished or wiped down with a soft cloth and if necessary Nanoman Pre Cleaner to remove any remaining silanes or residue. The surface will be at its most effective after 24 hours and should be kept dry during this time if possible.

Nanoman Solar was developed to make solar panels more efficient by making them largely self-cleaning when it rains, but otherwise much easier to clean when done manually or by other artificial means.

Well maintained and clean panels is essential for efficient power generation. Less contaminants on solar panels means less maintenance and higher overall energy production. Dust, dirt and general environmental pollution can reduce solar panel efficiency significantly. Some studies have shown that dust alone can reduce the systems efficiency by up to 50% in some locations. It’s not hard to see that any reduction in accumulated dust and contaminants is going to improve the projects ROI and other key measurables. Maintenance is often overlooked by the end user (commercial or residential) and so the application of a nano coating at the factory level, even before the panels are installed can become a value added service offered by installation companies.

Nanoman Solar chemically bonds with the surface material creating a strong hydrophobic effect that changes the contact angle that it has with water as well as making it much harder for dirt to adhere to it. Once water (from rain or a hose in dryer climates) comes in contact with the surface the water droplets simply roll off the surface taking dust and dirt with them. Panels stay cleaner for longer, ensuring maximum efficiency is maintained. They incur much lower cleaning costs and produce more electricity than the equivalent non-coated panels.

The coating itself is incredibly thin (about 60nm in thickness) and invisible to the human eye. In fact, it’s barely measurable using specialised scientific equipment, and allows 100% of the sunlight through; there is no refraction of light or other loss involved. The coating is also UV stable, meaning that it will not breakdown due to sunlight (or heat).

Key points:

  • The usage rate is about 10-12mls per square metre.
  • Before application you must ensure that the solar panel is thoroughly clean and dry. We recommend using Nanoman Pre-Cleaner as it cleans and dries quickly.
  • The best application method is to spray on the nano coating and rub in using a soft (e.g. microfibre) cloth. Important to remember not to use too much as this can lead to some streaking when the coating dries. For this reason, we would recommend against using an airless sprayer as it would tend to apply too much material.
  • The coating requires 60 min to dry and cure and then we recommend another quick rub over using another clean cloth to remove any residue. Nanoman Pre-Cleaner can be used here to achieve a great result (it will not remove the nano coating).
  • One application will last 3-5+ years (depending on location and conditions).
  • There are no short or long term disadvantages of using the coating. The coating will naturally dissipate over a period of about 5 years depending on its location and the environment however it is a simple matter to re-apply another coating at that time. The coating will actually provide some protection to the substrate material, prolonging its useful life.
  • For trade / commercial users Nanoman sell in 1 L, 2L, 5 L and 20L containers.


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