Anti Rust + Corrosion

Nanotechnology formula

Nanoman totally transparent

Totally transparent

Long lasting, 5+ years

Nanoman fast acting

easy one coat application


  • Exceptional rust protection.
  • Excellent adhesion to metal substrates.
  • UV stable, chemical and heat resistant.
  • Long lasting (5 yrs single application).
  • Performs in even the most harshest environmental conditions.
  • Keeps assets looking like new for longer.

$89.00$160.00 inc GST


Nanoman Anti-Rust + Corrosion is a totally transparent , ready-to-use coating that protects metal surfaces against rust, dirt, weathering, corrosion and teas staining. Based on polysilazane nanotechnology technology, Nanoman Anti-Rust + Corrosion forms a long-lasting barrier that intrinsically bonds with the substrate and cures at room temperature in atmospheric humidity.  No special application booths required. The surface protected with Nanoman Anti-Rust + Corrosion can be cleaned repeatedly without reapplying the product.

The average usage rate using the recommended HVLP spray gun is 15ml per m2. If applying by paint brush, usage rates will be higher.  Usage rates are less using a cloth or pad application. Nanoman Anti-Rust + Corrosion is a single coat application.

IMPORTANT: Avoid applying excessive amounts of the coating and do not apply multiple coats.

Pricing includes GST and freight Australia wide.
Trade sizes available, enquire here
or 1300 696 266 (Australia only)

1.  What surface materials can I use this on?

Nanoman Anti Rust + Corrosion can be used on all metal materials that are prone to rust, weathering, corrosion and tea staining. This includes materials such as steel, copper, corten, aluminium, zinc, stainless steel etc. Suitable applications include:

  • Shipping vessels and shipping containers
  • Road and Rail infrastructure
  • Industrial plant and equipment
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Mining equipment
  • Marine and Port infrastructure
  • Cranes, Scaffold and building equipment
  • Building materials
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Any metal surface exposed to water vapour

2. How long will this coating last?

This coating has been engineered to remain effective for up to 5 years even in tough marine conditions.  The coating is very temperature resistant and can tolerate temperatures of -50oC to over 400oC.  For maximum protection, we recommend re-application every 4-5 years.

3. Can I paint over top of Nanoman Anti Rust + Corrosion?

No, in most cases the coating will immediately reject any paint applied on top of it.

Nanoman Anti Rust + Corrosion can however be applied on painted surfaces. It is a clear coating and will not damage the paint.

4.  Will Nanoman Anti Rust + Corrosion change the look of my surface?

No, this is a clear coating that is invisible post application. It does not darken or alter the look of the surface material and will not change over time.

5.  Is the coating a matt or gloss finish?

Neither, as mentioned above, this is a clear finish that will not change the look of the underlying surface material.

6.  Will the coating discolour, crack or peel off?

No, Nanoman Anti Rust + Corrosion is UV neutral and will not be affected by the sun or weather. Once fully cured (5-7 days) the coating forms a very strong bond with the substrate material and is very hard to remove.  It cannot discolour, crack or peel off at any stage.

7.  How can I remove this coating if I want to paint/repaint the surface?

Nanoman Anti Rust + Corrosion is not easy to remove. It is designed as a 5 year barrier and has a very strong bond to the substrate material. If it needs to be removed we recommend sanding or lightly grinding it off. It will not be removed with chemical cleaners or acid.

8.  What sort of coverage rate does this coating have?

This coating has a very high coverage rate. We recommend using no more than 12-15mls per square meter.



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