Anti Graffiti Non Porous

Nanotechnology formula

Nanoman non sacrificial

non sacrificial

Nanoman long lasting

long lasting

Nanoman fast acting

easy one coat application


  • Reduction in time and cost to remove graffiti.
  • Graffiti can be removed easily with a VOC free cleaner, leaving no residue.
  • Non sacrificial – sustains multiple graffiti removals.
  • Single coat application that’s long lasting and durable.
  • Reduction in the use of consumables and removers.
  • No ongoing recoat and unsightly colour patches.
  • No sophisticated cleaning equipment required (such as high pressure cleaners).
  • Durable life of up to 7 years depending on the material, use and maintenance of the surface.

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Nanoman Anti Graffiti Non Porous is an advanced, long lasting one coat, non sacrificial, anti-graffiti coating specially formulated to protect surfaces from the permanent defacing by undesirable graffiti. The invisible finish is abrasion resistant and will not yellow with age. Nanoman Anti Graffiti Non Porous is highly resistant to most types of aerosol spray paint and permanent markers, as well as dirt, chewing gum, oil, soot and pollution. Surfaces protected with Nanoman Anti Graffiti Non Porous prevent the adhesion of graffiti and makes removal of paints and permanent markers a simple task.

Nanoman Anti Graffiti is a clear coating and completely invisible so will not alter the look of the surface to be protected.  It comes as a ready to apply coating, requiring no primers or second coats.  Nanoman Anti Graffiti coating is the next generation of surface protection.

Nanoman Anti-Graffiti Non Porous is particularly suitable for smooth, non-absorbent surfaces, such as metal, plastics, powder coated or painted surfaces, and metal surfaces including corrugated iron, galvernised steel, aluminium, and stainless steel.

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1. What surface materials can I use Nanoman Anti Graffiti Non Porous on?

Nanoman AG (non-porous) can be used on all types of steel, including stainless, corten and galvernised, copper, aluminium and most plastics and vinyl. We have a different type of AG coating for porous materials like brick, concrete, unglazed tiles, sandstone, bluestone, timber, compressed cement sheeting and modwood.

2. How long will this coating last?

This coating has been engineered to remain effective for up to 7 years. However, it’s continued effectiveness is determined by the method and number of graffiti removals from the surface. In order to maintain the integrity of this AG surface coating it is imperative to remove graffiti in accordance with the TDS. The use of other methods such as water-blasting and use of other chemical removers will have an adverse effect on the coating and possibly the substrate material.  This will diminish the AG coatings continued effectiveness. In addition, repeated removals from the same area will also diminish the effective life of the AG coating.  Where it becomes apparent that the coating is becoming ineffective and hard to clean, we strongly suggest re-coating the area with another application of Nanoman Anti Graffiti.

3. Can I paint over top of Nanoman Anti Graffiti?

No, in most cases the coating will immediately reject any paint applied on top of it.

4. Can I apply Nanoman Anti Graffiti to painted surfaces?

Yes, being a clear coating, Nanoman AG is perfect for protecting painted surfaces, including murals and street art. The AG coating provides an effective barrier on top of the painted surface and graffiti can be removed easily without damaging the underlying artwork.  The AG coating will actually help preserve the mural or painted surface from weather damage and environmental pollution.

5. Will Nanoman AG change the look of my surface?

No, this is a clear coating that is invisible post application. It does not darken or alter the look of the surface material and will not change over time.

6. Is the coating a matt or gloss finish?

Neither, as mentioned above, this is a clear finish that will not change the look of the underlying surface material.

7. Will the coating discolour, crack or peel off?

No, Nanoman AG non-porous is UV neutral and will not be affected by the sun or weather. Once fully cured (5-7 days) the coating forms a very strong bond with the substrate material and is very hard to remove.  It cannot discolour, crack or peel off at any stage.

8. How can I remove this coating if I want to paint/repaint the surface?

Nanoman AG  non-porous is not easy to remove. It is designed as a 7 year barrier against graffiti and has a very strong bond to the substrate material. If it needs to be removed we recommend sanding or lightly grinding it off. It will not be removed with chemical cleaners or acid.

9. What sort of coverage rate does this coating have?

This coating has a very high coverage rate. We recommend using no more than 12mls per square meter.

10. How do I apply this coating?

Please refer to the TDS for details about surface preparation and application. Some key points to note are as follows:

  • Do not apply to a wet/damp surface
  • Do not apply in wet conditions or where there is a likelihood of rain. The coating needs to remain dry for at least 4 hours post application.
  • Remove all dirt, dust and unwanted marks from the surface before applying
  • Be careful working around other trades when applying. Dirt and sawdust will ruin the finish of the coating and is very hard to remove. Do not apply in windy conditions.  We recommend the AG be applied in most cases at the end of the project.
  • Please wear full PPE when using this product, ie gloves and goggles and ensure you have good ventilation. A respiratory mask should be used when working indoors or in confined spaces. Be careful when opening containers as they may be pressurised and contain gases/fumes. Keep the lid on containers at all times and do not re-cycle used product back into the container. Use clean brushes and equipment at all times to avoid contamination and for ease of application.
  • The best method of application is by spray gun. Do not over spray and apply one coat only.

Nanoman coatings are a change from older, traditional coatings that require two coats and lack longevity. Once a surface is coated it becomes liquid repelling. This discourages graffiti, but the real benefit is that the graffiti that is applied to the surface cannot penetrate into the surface and is easily removed with a non-toxic VOC free cleaner. This allows for the quick and efficient removal of graffiti. This reduces the cost of graffiti removal and keeps assets looking new. Murals and painted surfaces can be protected as well as raw surfaces and the self-cleaning effect will keep these surfaces looking much cleaner than uncoated surfaces.

Nanoman Anti Graffiti non-porous (i.e. metals and plastics) is an easy to apply, single coat application that is non sacrificial and is UV neutral so it will not peel, flake or discolour due to sunlight. It can be applied to both raw and painted metal and plastic/synthetic surfaces and the main thing is to ensure that the surface to be coated is very clean and dry before application. We recommend using our Nanoman Pre Cleaner to prepare the surface, however an alcohol based cleaner can be used equally as well. The best application method is by spraying on using an airless spray gun (low psi setting) or by manually rubbing on for smaller or hard to get to areas. With this product, please wear full PPE (i.e. gloves, mask and goggles). Avoid spraying in windy or wet conditions. The usage rate should be no more than 10mls per square metre. The coating will have an effective life of about 7-10 years during which time it can withstand multiple clean downs.

This coating has an effective life of up to 10 years , but repeated graffiti removals in the same spot will eventually have an effect on the coating as will the method of graffiti removal. We recommend against pressure hosing to clean the graffiti off as this is not necessary with this coating and can only potentially damage the substrate and therefore coating itself. Instead we recommend using Nanoman VOC free Graffiti Remover which does a great job of taking off all kinds of graffiti without damaging the coating and leaves no shadowing. This allows for targeted graffiti removal without damaging surrounding areas. Pressure hoses can be used post removal at no more than 800psi to give the wall a final wash down (if necessary). We would encourage whoever is responsible for the assets maintenance to adopt this cleaning method.


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