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Nanotech Products Pty Ltd Distributor of Nanoman nanotechnology coatings
Surface coated with a nano coating

NanoTech Products Pty Ltd has been established to bring modern science into everyday living by offering a wide range of Nanoman branded Nanotechnology products for consumer or commercial use.  We continue to develop and offer a wide range of nanotechnology products with protective properties specifically engineered for specific surfaces.

The Nanoman range of products have been engineered for use across a wide range of private, domestic and commercial applications.  All our products are developed using nanoparticles and are specifically adapted for the different surfaces.  

All our products offer great value to our customers.  Every person that experiences our products first hand appreciates their qualities. With our products, tasks can be made easier, quicker and safer.


Hydrophobic surfaces in action

We believe  Nanotechnology products have the ability to change everyday day surfaces we take for granted and improve the environment at the same time.  Nanotechnology products reduce the need for the use of cleaning chemicals which are detrimental to the environment making the use our products a better choice for the planet.

Nanoman nano coatings mimic the lotus leaf Nanoman Nano Coatings

We will develop and distribute a range of range of Nanotechnology products to benefit both our clients and the environment.  We will demonstrate how  Nanotechnology can protect and improve the performance of surfaces and substrates and create the knowledge and understanding on how to harness this exciting new technology.

Nanotechnology the future

Nanotechnology is a key theme for this century.  The nano product is the biggest industrial revolution of the past 20 years.  We expect the majority of all future product developments will be influenced by Nanotechnology.  We expect strong growth for nano products in the coming decades.

Many competitors sell one product for all surfaces, irrespective of material composition.

Nanoman products are specifically formulated for each type of surface they are to applied to.

Nanoman products are totally environmentally safe, user friendly and easy to apply.




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This is an amazing product that you really need to get.

Everyone is joining the ‘Nano’ trend and a number of manufacturers are putting nano on all their products. However all our products incorporate true nanotechnology that has been developed following extensive testing and research. It should not be confused with off-the-shelf products that simply have ‘nano’ in their name.

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